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Internationaal VakbondswerkPosted by webmaster 17 Dec, 2013 19:09

ACV Transcom at the Port of Zeebrugge in Solidarity with locked out IKEA workers

ACV Transcom Water is worried with the ongoing developments at IKEA in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. 350 fellow workers have been locked out with no pay for 7 months after they rejected a company offer that included the imposition of a tiered wage structure.

IKEA’s lockout of 350 workers in Canada is not the first instance of anti-worker, anti-union behavior by IKEA. In May, IKEA workers from 16 countries met to discuss IKEA’s retaliation against workers in Turkey. The Turkish union that represents IKEA workers reports that the company had fired at least 12 workers for joining the union.

An International fact-finding mission formed by International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and UNI Global Union held hearings on the lockout last month. Their conclusions are released in a report: "How IKEA is Hurting Families: Report on the IKEA Lockout in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada."

ITF President Paddy Crumlin said the report calls on IKEA to end the lockout and return to the bargaining table in good faith immediately. "We and our counterparts from around the world are gathering and demonstrating to put the case for a settlement that respects the needs, aspirations and strengths of IKEA workers."

Dockworkers at ports in Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Canada are taking action in support of the 350 Teamsters Local 213.

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