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#FOC, #NoPlaceToHide

Internationaal VakbondswerkPosted by webmaster 05 Feb, 2016 18:26
The vehicles carrier Cosco Tengfei is registered in Panama while the owner, COSCO, is obviously based in China. This makes the vessel FOC. ITF is keeping since many decades, together with it's affiliates, a dedicated FOC campaign. One of the goals of this campaign is to ensure decent working and living conditions on board of FOC vessels.

ITF inspection
The Cosco Tengfei came in Antwerp to load 200 cars. The Belgian ITF Inspectorate boarded the vessel upon arrival to verify the work and living conditions and to ascertain if the vessel was covered with an ITF approved collective bargaining agreement. Christian Roos, ITF inspector for ACV Transcom says: "Today we ascertained that a Chinese Able Seaman is working for wages below the ILO guidelines. The applicable terms and conditions are not ITF compliant and are more or less 40% lower than the ITF rates. This is social dumping. This is race to the bottom."

Whilst the ITF inspections was taking place, the local dockers unions ACV Transcom, BTB and ACLVB were keeping a solidarity action. They confirmed their dedication to the FOC campaign and acknowledged that the words "FOC, NO PLACE TO HIDE" are in Belgium very much applicable. As for the Cosco Tengfei, she is on the radar of the Belgian transport workers unions. To be continued...

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