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Internationaal VakbondswerkPosted by webmaster 09 Feb, 2017 08:05
  • "IDC will provide unconditional support to Spanish workers and organize actions around the world"
  • The Spanish Government intends to unilaterally end work of dockers´ and threatens economy growth
  • More than 100,000 members of IDC, across five continents, show their absolute rejection of the dictatorial measures of the Spanish Executive
  • IDC General Coordinator, Jordi Aragunde, will contact leaders of the main trade unions at the international level to organize support actions and calls for workers' solidarity

"The Spanish Government threatens the growth of the Spanish economy and seeks to make the dockworkers´profession disappear from the countrys´ports." These strong words belong to the General Coordinator of the International Dockworker Council (IDC), Jordi Aragunde of Spain, after learning last Thursday the conservative government heading Spain intends to launch a unilateral legislative decree without dialogue with workers. For the leader of the international organizaton of trade unions, "the struggle of Spanish dockers is the struggle of all dockers around the world."

"Spanish ports are growing. The workers' wages are also growing... and the Ministry of Public Works intends to act on a decree that prevents the country's economic recovery," says Aragunde. "With a unilateral measure like the one they intend to carry out, they will suceed in weighing down positive numbers and the recovery of the foreign trade in Spain as a whole."

In addition, "taking unilateral measures is an incitement for workers" who in Spain have already planned measures to dissuade the Government from this idea under the motto: "Action-Reaction." In the international context, Jordi Aragunde plans to contact leaders of major trade unions around the world to coordinate support for Spanish dockworkers, which will undoubtedly have a large impact, since "it is an offense against thousands of families, dismissals of hundreds of workers, selling short the work that has been carried out to date and endangering the security of ports."

Thus, "IDC will provide unconditional support to Spanish workers and organize around the world," said IDC General Coordinator. "We are more than 100,000 dockworkers, united in ports across the five continents, and we have already demonstrated that the union is a force to be reckoned with."

IDC remains open to dialogue with both the Spanish Government and the community, and hopes to soften the consequences of this application of the Judgment (passed by the European Union Court of Justice (Room 6) on December 2014) that may harm the interests of workers. At this point, Commissioner Bulc pointed out to Jordi Aragunde and Anthony Tetard- accompanying the Spanish trade union leader and former IDC General Coordinator Antolín Goya- she is in favor of a sincere negotiation.

In addition, according to the mandate of the most recent IDC General Assembly held in Miami last year, the International Dockworkers Council is portrayed in its role as mediator in national conflicts, and has acted as such on numerous occassions already, including in Portugal and currently in Sweden. In this sense and before the European Commission itself, IDC "will propose to open channels of dialogue as long as the decree is not published with consensus, as promised by the former Minister of Public Works and current president of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, Ana Pastor," says IDC General Coordinator.

It should be noted that the principle of agreement reached a few days ago between the workers´ representatives- headed by the union Coordinadora – and the employers', there is a scrupulous fulfillment of the Judgment of the Court of Luxembourg and an evolution of the current model of work on the docks in Spain.

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