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Reclaiming Lashing Campaign

Internationaal VakbondswerkPosted by webmaster 09 Sep, 2016 19:33

ITF affiliated transport unions to protect dockers' lashing work in Europe

Seafarers’ health and lives are being put at risk and dockers are suffering because employers are still forcing crews to carry out lashing and unlashing work. Lashing is an extremely dangerous job and if it's carried out by untrained workers it can lead to injury, health problems or even death.

Each year seafarers are losing their lives when doing container lashing. Crew does suffer from stress and fatigue because the extra lashing works interfere with the resting hours. During this week campaign action week it was reported that one seafarer collapsed in the presence of ITF inspectors doing a ship visits. The gent was taken to the hospital for medical care. His fellow colleagues reported he has been awake for 28 hours and that they are forced to make lashing activities during official resting hours.

Professional made cargo lashing is mandatory for the safe voyage of a vessel and her crew. Lashing is part of the work of dockers and should only be made by trained dockers. That is one of the ITF policies and is incorporated in each ITF approved collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for seafarers signed by the ITF and its affiliates.

The ITF collective bargaining agreement article 3 clearly states that "lashing and unlashing of cargo is dockers' work and the crew should not be asked to undertake this work - unless there is prior agreement from the local ITF dockers' union". Companies, masters or officers asking seafarers to carry out lashing and unlashing work who don't have written permission are in breach of this contract.

The European Lashing Campaign is an ITF/ETF affiliated campaign supported by the ITF and ETF. It focusses on lashing on board of feeder vessels. The goal of this campaign is to reclaim the lashing and securing for the dockworkers. Unifeeder has been identified as the main campaign target. Other typical feeder companies have been nominated as secondary targets.

As part of the European Lashing Campaign ITF inspectors in many European ports are raising dockers', seafarers' and shipping companies' awareness around lashing. ITF inspectors boarded last week vessels and visited seafarers, distributed leaflets and explained seafarers about the dangers and consequences of them doing dockers’ work. ITF inspectors had contacts with dockers to explain about the lashing campaign. ITF affiliated dockers unions took actions, organized meeting with their members and in some European ports vessels were delayed for several hours and dockers reclaimed their work.

Not everyone could be reached the past week. So if you are a docker: speak to your union about what you can do to support the “Reclaim Lashing Campaign” in your port. If you're a seafarer: email the details to if you're asked to do lashing or unlashing work. Include the vessel name and location.

Crew should never be requested to lash or unlash cargo unless the safety and security of crew and vessel are in danger. Lashing is part of dockers' work and should only be performed by trained dockers!


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